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  1. Trying to hide significant problems: Either fix the problem ahead of time or price the property accordingly.

  2. Not preparing the home for sale: You need to deep clean, de-clutter, and start packing! Remember when it comes to selling – less is more.

  3. Skimping on listing photos: With the Internet, photos are your first showings. Hire a professional photographer.

  4. Not accommodating potential buyers. If someone wants to view your home, try to accommodate the showing even if it is inconvenient.

  5. Expecting to get your asking price: Buyers will negotiate. You need to prepare to play the game.

  6. Setting an unrealistic price: Buyers will do a comparative market analysis to figure out a fair beginning price. So as a seller, you should be ahead of the game. Today’s buyers are very savvy.

  7. Getting emotionally involved: Once you decide to sell, think of yourself as a business person, rather than a homeowner.

  8. Not hiring an agent!

Top Seller Mistakes

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